Wednesday, 7 December 2011

:: T.I.M.E ::

"Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions."

i've been haunted by workloads lately. So much of work with so little time. mane nk kejar assigment nyer lagi, nk kejar quizez, so-called-midterm, and also social life.

i've been struggling for a few days already, dlm kesibukkan nie sempat lagi ha den g 'berjalan'. yeeee, nampak kn die dlm bracket? mesti lah sbb die tak bpe berjalan sangat. i've attended the Accounting Student Conference at Pullman, Putrajaya last weekend. terbaek weh hotel die, malang nyer tak dpt nikmat sgt lah blk die sbb weolss byk dok conference room tu jewww #sad. *sedang terbayang2 katil n selimut die yg best tue*

okey2, back to the topic.
takde, sbnr nyer nk cte....*mcm lah korang kesah,tp nk cte jgk*  hari ini saya telah decide utk menghilang kan diri, take some me time utk settle kan assignment sume. maaflah kepada sesiapa yg keep msg me n me tak reply tu. it just dat terasa pressure plak dgn esaimen yg byk nie.

actly there's one more thing yg wat me pressure, but i really cant write/tell it over here. oh, jgn risau sume, not related with lovelife yer, its all about study here

may Allah kuatkan me utk tempuhi semua dugaan nie. aminnn